Elliott Wave Indicator Suite for TradeStation®

The ElliottWave Indicator Suite for TradeStation is designed around a simple but effective Swing Trading Strategy perfected by a retired Money Manager who used this exact strategy to trade successfully over the last 12 years. The Strategy and Indicator Suite is great for Stocks, Futures and Forex trading on multiple time-frames

Included in this game changing Indicator Suite for TradeStation:

    1. Automatic Elliott Wave Counting
    2. Elliott Wave Isolation
    3. Automatic High Probability Pull Back Zones
    4. Special 5/35 Oscillator
    5. 6/4 High and Low Moving Averages for trade Entry & Management
    6. 4 Hour Training Bootcamp

This is the first ever Elliott Wave indicator Suite for the TradeStation Trading Platform that comes with full training bootcamp, email support and monthly Live support Webinars.

Email support is direct from Paul who’s Successfull trading strategy has been used to design this Elliott wave Indicator Suite for TradeStation.  Paul will also conduct live support webinar sessions each month to ensure all users are getting the most from this indicator suite and swing trading strategy.

The 4 Hour Bootcamp is conducted by Paul where he lays out all his secrets in a simple and succinct fashion and doesn’t waste time with hypothesis, but lays out well defined rules and parameters which will make any trader better after learning his methods. The 4 hour Bootcamp covers the following

  1. Understanding and identifying trends
  2. The Need to Know of Elliott Wave Theory and not all the nonesense
  3. Isolating and understanding wave counts
  4. Use of the Indicator Suite in Full with lots of examples
  5. Putting it all together ina simple but effective Swing Trading Strategy
  6. Entry Strategies using the Indicator Suite
  7. Trade Management Strategies using the Indicator Suite
  8. With More and More Examples

Unlike other indicator Suites for TradeStation, this Elliott Wave indicator Suite from Wave5trade.com is built around a successfull strategy and an ethos of continual learning and support.

“Neither TradeStation Technologies nor any of its affiliates has reviewed, certified, endorsed, approved, disapproved or recommended, and neither does or will review, certify, endorse, approve, disapprove or recommend, any product or service that offers training, education or consulting regarding the use of EasyLanguage or TradingApp Store products .”

2 Thoughts on “TradeStation Elliott Wave Indicator Suite”

  • I trade only the ES.

    Can your package mark trades for Day Trading on tic charts? I work with charts 300 tic to 1500 tic time frames.

    Does it only trade the 5th wave?

    Your pricing seems to say I would own the package for $400. If you have correction or update releases, is there a annual fee for that?

    • Hi Frank, yes the indicator suite works well with ES on tic timeframes. The price does include all future update releases for free. We posted a chart here on twitter showing ES 300 Tick chart from Friday 15th Dec – 5th wave move hit out target level – check it out >>>HERE< <<

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