Day Trading Add-on Suite for ThinkorSwim Elliott Wave Indicator Suite
The Elliott Wave Indicator Suite brings order and reason to the world of swing trading and intraday trading. It greatly illuminates the path through the forest of chaotic markets versus getting lost among all the trees.

Paul has masterfully captured the most powerful aspects of Elliott Wave while eliminating much of the complexity and noise normally associated with it. He has narrowed the 100 plus permutations of the many Elliott down to the hand full that are the ones which most often drive the true direction. The package helps the trader define strict levels to make meaningful targets and stop loss levels.

The Suite has given me much greater confidence to take larger position size based on very defined levels and the most likely path.
The Boot Camp provided such a wonderful KISS principled system that works time after time after time and mathematically is almost guaranteed to work over the long run if the money management targets and stop levels are followed. It provides discipline and definition to the price action chaos of most any trading instrument.

Growing up it was common to meet very successful people with lots of $'s and wonder what their keys to success were. In the Boot Camp, Paul lays out all his secrets in a simple and succinct fashion which when followed will result in greater and safer performance over time. He is a true professional and doesn't waste time with hypothesis but lays out well defined rules and parameters which will make any trader better after learning his methods.

The Elliott Wave Indicator Suite and Boot Camp is a tremendous value. It's price was a fraction of many indicators I have purchased in the past which often confused more than helped. This Elliott Wave Suite is so powerful that it makes most all of my other indicators now make more sense and useful in that it provides a much more probable directional path to follow.

This Elliott Wave Indicator Suite is a must have and at this low price is such a no brainer for even the newest trader and investor. It will make any experienced trader much better and is so powerful that it could allow the new investor to put total control of their investments in their own hands.
Thanks and Blessings!

Richard Alexander
Williamsburg, VA
Day Trading Add-On Suite for thinkorswim
Special Day Trading Add-on for our thinkorswim Elliott Wave Indicator Suite
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Training Bootcamp.
"I can't wait for this product to launch.
It's going to be so awesome!"
Paul Bratby
CEO  and Co-Founder of
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